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          The promotion of distributed generation photovoltaic application dilemma

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            Distributed applications represents the whole of China pv industry development in the future, this trend is becoming increasingly clear. Held by the "2012 China pv industry leader summit", the national energy administration of new energy and renewable energy division deputy director Shi Lishan, according to the "twelfth five-year" solar power installed targets to improve to 21 gigawatts (gw), will develop the distributed generation.
            Shi Lishan said, qinghai, ningxia, gansu and other places to build a batch of large-scale photovoltaic power station, the enthusiasm of other places set up photovoltaic power station is also high. But overall, such construction without too much technology content, and lack of system innovation, in the near future should not give priority to with large-scale construction of large power plant; Must open client market, supporting the construction of user independent photovoltaic system.
          The news that the photovoltaic industry "twelfth five-year" plan "will be announced in the near future. According to the basic plan, "twelfth five-year" period, China's new power will encourage represented by the sun, gold roof construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation project is given priority to.
          The distributed generation photovoltaic application dilemma
            After years of development, China has become a great nation of the solar cell manufacturing, still is to use small country - more than 85% of products for export, domestic demand can't open, photovoltaic power generation accounted for under 0.1% of the total electricity society, far behind the developed countries. Is the key reason, photovoltaic power generation is conditioned by grid difficult; Grid photovoltaic power station of building in remote areas at the same time, did not cover in place, the electricity is hard to lose.
            In the industry point of view, promotion of photovoltaic (pv) distributed generation will effectively solve the above problems, led the Chinese photovoltaic industry breakthrough in the current dilemma, the development of its industry "spring".
            According to introducing, distributed photovoltaic power generation in the European and American countries has been quite common and mature. Germany, Italy and other countries of the photovoltaic building application proportion has reached more than 80%; In the United States, 2010 photovoltaic application 67% application in public buildings (residents and commercial buildings).
          Vice director of China's renewable energy Meng Xiangan generously distributed photovoltaic power station in China's development. He said: "distributed to encourage the users, the big city focus on encouraging the project of combining with users to realize user spontaneously, given on the spot, and can avoid because of the increased cost of long distance transmission."
            National energy administration, director-general of the department of new energy and renewable energy Wang Jun had also once wrote, "spontaneous self-used" mode is a new energy power generation, the basic status of distributed generation and its development trend. As a nationwide promote rooftop pv system, such as distributed power station project, can be exempted from large-scale grid-connected power plants is difficult.
          Good policy has been issued
            In fact, the late renewable energy development "twelfth five-year" plan has been releasing the signal for the future development of photovoltaic industry. In 2015, according to the plan, photovoltaic power-generating targets are identified as 10 gw, over 50 gw by 2020. Among them, the roof photovoltaic power station scale for 3 gw in 2015, 2020 to 25 gigawatts (gw), distributed photovoltaic power generation account for half the total size of the planning. Such as "twelfth five-year" solar power installed targets to improve 21 gigawatts (gw), distributed generation will have larger development space.
            Not only that, the more support policy has been working intensively to come. Except is expected to launch in the near future the photovoltaic industry "twelfth five-year" plan ", otherwise, the measures for the management of distributed generation and the associated "grid management method" the fastest will be officially introduced in months. This marked the civil renewable energy power generation field is expected to open up, and power given to promote the market growth.
          A new round of expansion has been stirring photovoltaic market
            As the development direction is clear, good policy to the ground, the domestic pv market also has to be a new round of expansion. According to estimates that by 2020, if the existing and new buildings, 10% of the roof area and 15% of the application of photovoltaic building facade area, photovoltaic building about 1000 gw application potential market size, the equivalent of 45 new installed base in the three gorges hydropower station.
          NanoMarkets forecast, according to industry analysis, thin film solar cells in 2015 will reach 26 gw, sales will