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          Home use solar panels to do budget?

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            Solar cells can also be applied to the family of call: families with solar panels, (home solar power systems)
            Solar cell is a kind of electricity generation by using sunlight directly photoelectric semiconductor wafer, the high-purity semiconductor materials to join some impurity content make its present different properties, such as adding boron can form P type semiconductor, adding phosphorus can form n-type semiconductor, after combining the two type semiconductor PN, when the sun's rays incident, produce electrons and holes, is energized, generate electricity, power generation principle chart for reference. Because a single Solar cell output power is limited, in order to improve its capacity, will be many Solar cells after series-parallel combination wrapper, boiler plate, become the Solar cell template (Solar Module). Solar cell power generation energy from the wavelength of light. Sunlight is a kind of whole domain wavelength. In addition the wavelength of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp wavelength is different. And solar cells with sunshine or incandescent light wavelength is more applicable. And there are three kinds of solar cells, including solar solar cells on the electronic computer is belong to "indoor type amorphous", if long-term get outdoor exposure, and series parallel for larger voltage and current, will lead to the organization of internal links burn out and damage
          Solar cells (soler cell) also known as the photovoltaic battery solar energy directly into electrical energy of semiconductor devices, when sunlight incident photons absorbed the PN section 2 side of the P and N - hole of electrons, due to the spread of direct space charge region, in under the action of strong electric field and separation of PN junction, the electrons to move to low potential N area, hole to move to P, due to the accumulation of electrons and holes, P and N interval is produced light electromotive force.
            Q: home use solar panels to do budget?
            Relatives live in heilongjiang, bought a plot of land in a halfway up the hill, but there was no electricity, now want to need to summer can bring an ordinary freezers, plus a battery holder of common bulb, understand people, tell about need how many watts of solar panels under group? If installed, all need to buy a battery? Probably need how many money, and so on, explain in detail,
          This depends on your power to decide how many solar panels.
          Now we know already is the Harbin area of solar peak sunshine hours for 4.3 or so.
            You a freezer power consumption 0.8 degrees or so of a day, a light bulb is set to 30 w energy-saving lamps, power consumption of 30 w * 5 hours a day = 150 wh. Every day the actual power consumption is 800 wh (0.8 degrees c) + 150 wh = 950 wh.
          Calculated according to the situation, need at least 380 wp power of solar panels.
          If you are using a crystalline silicon, the panels price of about 6840 yuan.
            If you use amorphous silicon, the panels price is about 5700 yuan, compared with the same power of amorphous silicon hair more power, but it covers an area of a few bigger.
          In addition to these, you also need the solar controller, 24 v16a around.
          Battery: 24 v 150 ah
          Inverter: 24 v - 220 v, 500 w.
            In the standard under the sunshine condition (1000 watts per square meter), 1 square meters of solar panels on the output of electric power for 130 to 180 watts, photoelectric conversion efficiency of 13% to 18% on average. If, according to the standard of Shanghai average annual sunshine time calculated from 1100 to 1300 hours, under ideal conditions, 1 square meters of solar panels can at least 143 degrees every year.
          In silicon wafers per watt price under the condition of not more than 50 yuan, kw issue assembly on the market for 150000 yuan. With the use of solar cells currently cost is too high, the family home solar panels are not worthwhile, solar now too expensive, the cheapest watt of electricity is 2 yuan, family use uneconomical.