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          Solar street light wind resistance design

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            In the solar street light system, the structure a is important problem, the wind resistance design. Wind resistance design consists of two large, one for the battery components of wind resistance design, secondly, light pole of wind resistance design. The following according to the above two respectively for analysis.
            (1) solar cell components support of wind resistance design
            On the basis of the technical parameters of battery components manufacturer information, solar battery components can bear the wind pressure is 2700 pa. If the wind resistance coefficient is selected for 27 m/s (the equivalent of grade ten typhoon), according to the viscous fluid mechanics, the battery components of wind pressure is 365 pa. So, the component itself is completely can withstand 27 m/s wind speed without damage. So, the key is to consider in the design of battery components support connection with light pole.
            In the design of this set of street lamp system battery components stents used with light pole connection design of bolt fixed connection.
          The wind resistant design for 2 lamps light pole
          The parameters of the lamp is as follows:
          A = 16 o panels Angle light pole height = 5 m
          Delta design selection at the bottom of the lamp post weld width = = 4 mm at the bottom of the light pole diameter 168 mm
            Weld surface where the light pole failure surface. The calculation of light pole failure surface resistance moment W P to the light pole by panels of load action line distance for PQ = F [5000 + (168 + 6)/tan16o] x Sin16o = 1545 mm = 1.545 m. So, the role of wind load on the light pole failure moment M = F x 1.545.
          According to the design of 27 m/s maximum wind speed, the 2 x 30 w double lamp solar street light panels are the basic load of 730 n. Consider the safety factor of 1.3, F = 1.3 x 730 = 730 n.
          So, M = F * 1.545 = 949 * 1.545 = 1466 n. M.
          According to the mathematical deduction, circular failure surface resistance moment W = PI * (3 delta r2 + 3 r delta delta 2 + 3).
          On the type, r is circle diameter, the delta is ring width.
          Failure surface resistance moment W = PI * (3 delta r2 + 3 r delta delta 2 + 3)
          = PI * (3 * 842 * 84 * 4 + 3 + 42 and 43) = 88768 mm3
          = 88.768 x 10-6 m3
          Wind loading on the damage effect torque caused by the stress = M/W
          = 1466 / (88.768 x 10-6) = 16.5 x 106 pa = 16.5 Mpa < < 215 Mpa
          Among them, the bending strength of 215 Mpa is Q235 steel.
          So choose your weld width to meet design requirements, as long as the welding quality guaranteed, there is no question of light pole of wind resistance.