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          High power LED street lamp development prospect and problem analysis

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            The stand or fall of LED street light heat dissipation is the key to determine its life cycle, luminous efficiency, its weight on the street lamp system is also very important, it can in a large area of alternatives to traditional street lamps is also cannot be ignored.
            1, the prospect
            In today's global energy shortage environment, energy conservation has become a trend
          Trend, semiconductor lighting is a energy saving, low carbon environmental protection of green industry, its development is encouraged by the state and policy support.     LED is its service life health and high energy saving, environmental protection, light, environmental protection, no pollution and other advantages of steady development.   At present, the LED lighting technology becoming mature, which makes the city street lamp lighting energy-saving reform possible. LED street lamp, especially the high power LED street light, is impact the traditional street lamp market at a furious pace.
            Is high power LED light source, long life, high pressure sodium lamp life of more than 4 times, use after 100000 hours, light failure is less than 30%, power consumption is only one over ten of incandescent lamp, can be in to 40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ to work properly, don't cause any environmental pollution, low maintenance cost, has cast light distance, floodlight when using the characteristics of the area is large, completely solve the traditional lamps and lanterns of various drawbacks.
            2, problem analysis,
            More than the high power LED street light just as its name implies is greater than 30 watts, using new LED semiconductor lighting, street lamp, although the development of LED street light speed quickly, but in the long run LED lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation problems will be a long-standing problem.
          In general, the heat generated by the LED lights work accounted for 70% of the total power consumption, the heat generated by the it shine if unable to export, will make the LED junction surface temperature is too high, will affect, luminous efficiency and stability of the product life cycle.
          Light failure is the main reason for the high power LED street light can't work for a long time, an important way to reduce the light failure is to improve its heat dissipation. At present most of the LED street lamp light failure is not up to the use requirement. On the experimental data show that 1200 hours after the lights light failure, the best is 8%, the worst is 26%, average 14%, starting from the theory of heat transfer system, we can use the means of heat transfer: conduction, convection, radiation, and phase change heat transfer (heat pipe, for example). So on the heat transfer or heat dissipation problem, we can take measures are visible, limited.
          Weight on the street lamp system is also very important, because of the high street light is 9 meters, 12 meters, even if the increased risk is too heavy, pose a threat to the security of pedestrians and vehicles, especially with typhoons, earthquakes are likely to produce an accident.
            LED is a kind of unidirectional current type solid-state semiconductor light-emitting device, it is a branch of the traditional diode, has the characteristics of the diode, when used for lighting current regulation accuracy are high, the current ripple is stable, so as to ensure the LED lighting no flicker and glare. Dimensional size of the heat generated by the high power LED light source with constant current drive is directly related to the design, if constant current driver design is not good, effective power is not high, the heat is very high, what the cooling method can fundamentally solve the problem of the LED life is not long. Good design is the fundamental method of constant current driver, can reduce the heat to the lowest, and all kinds of methods of heat dissipation method just take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, just assist to solve the problem, only under the premise to solve the problem of good circuit, and to consider the internal heat dissipation problem.
          High thermal conductivity of soft silicone thermal insulation is being widely used in LED lighting, display, computer and power electronic equipment industry. Closed contact surface construction, reduce air thermal impedance, use itself of the heat conduction characteristics, the greatest degree meet the requirements of heat transfer process of the device, improving the power of device use and prolong service life. Soft thermal conductive silicone insulation is one of the heat transfer interface materials, products range from 0.5 to 5 mm thickness, sheet material, can according to the size of the heating power device and arbitrary shape cutting and has good capability of heat conduction and insulation characteristics, its role as the gap between the heating power device and the radiator, is alternative thermal conductivity silicone grease, thermal paste and mica sheet (insulation) binary cooling system is the ideal product. Especially in no fan