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          The advantage of LED street light compared with the traditional street lamp?

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            LED lights as our current flagship product, in addition to the above price, in general is very popular with customers.
          The lights LED as the light source, compared with traditional street lamps light source, it has many advantages.
            1, LED street lamp itself has the directivity of light, no light diffusing, ensure smooth effect;
            2, LED street lamp has a unique secondary optical design, LED street lamp light to the lighting area, namely the pavement, to further improve the light efficiency, to achieve energy saving purpose;
            3, LED light source efficiency is 100 lm/W, also has the very big development space, and the theoretical value can reach 250 lm/W. And high pressure sodium lamp luminous efficiency was increased with the increase of power, therefore, is better than high pressure sodium lamp LED street lamp lighting in general;
            4, LED street lamp light color is higher than high pressure sodium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp only around 23 color rendering index, color rendering index and LED street lamp can reach more than 75, from the psychological point of view, vision to achieve the same brightness, LED street light can an average of more than 20% lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp (with reference to the British road lighting standards); And, in the middle level of the vision, the eye in high temperature environment than low colour temperature environment are more likely to identify things, avoid the happening of a certain risk.
            5, LED street lamp light failure is small, light failure is less than 3% a year, still meet the requirements of road use illuminance to 10 years, as a result, the LED street light on the design of the use of power can be lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp;
            6, LED lights, can automatically adjusting can be achieved in meet the requirements of lighting in the different periods, the biggest possible to reduce the power, save electric energy;
            LED 7, is the low voltage dc components, drive voltage for the safety of the single star LED, so it is a safer than using high voltage power supply, power supply, especially suitable for public places. The characteristics of the dc LED, is especially suitable for combination with solar energy, wind power;
            8, each unit LED grain only a small volume, so can be prepared into various shapes of the device, and is suitable for variable, Yi Zhen environment;
            9, long service life: theory of life can use more than 50000 hours;
            10, LED to frequent switch and don't have to worry about the damage;
            11, installation is simple: the LED street lamp holder directly installed on the light pole to replace the original sodium lamp holder;
            12, the cooling control well: will LED node temperature has dropped below 70 ° C, with the development of technology, a further decline in node temperature, nodes and the lower the temperature, the longer the life of the LED chip is theoretically;
            13, reliable quality, power supply circuit are all made of high quality components, each LED have over-current protection and the protection of the series-parallel alone, even if a damaged, will not lead to other LED chip failure;
            14, the LED light source does not contain harmful metallic mercury, unlike high pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp when scrapped cause harm to the environment.