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        1. Service


                                                                                                                The terms of service
            For STpower to create a first-class corporate image, improve enterprise well-knownness, we in line with "science and technology innovation as its mission, diligent pragmatic development" purposes, with "sincere service, quality first" as the principle of experience, is to make the service promise, please supervision, respect for customers, adhere to our terms of service.
            A, product quality commitment
            1. The guarantee of the goods is new, not used, is the best material and the first-class technology, and in all aspects as to meet the requirements of the quality,   specification and performance stipulated in the contract. Ensure the goods properly reasonable installation, operation and maintenance, work well during its life. In the quality guarantee period, due to the defects of design, process or materials take full responsibility for any defects or malfunction.
          Second, the date of delivery commitment
            1. In strict accordance with the provisions of the contract, the performance of the delivery time, guarantee the integrity of the product supplied, ensure customers install and use on schedule
            2. In strict accordance with the provisions of the contract, specified delivery place, delivery, ensure the safety of the goods;
            3. If customers have special requirements, need to be completed ahead of time, our company can special organization production, installation, to meet user needs.
            Third, after-sales service commitment
            1. The company to provide customers with first-class after-sales service. Customers during the installation process for technical support, the company will provide free technical advisory services; Customer problems occur in the process of installation or use, the company after received customer's notice, technical response within   1 hour, 4 hours to develop a service plan.
            2. Regular visit customers, accept customer's opinion and the suggestion, timely feedback, and as a basis for the improvement work, so as to continuously improve the quality of service, better meet the needs of customers, service customers.
            3. The products implement "3 packets" service, namely "the repair, replacement or return"
            4. Where to buy DELOP series controller, inverter, all for one year warranty (can according to customer's actual shipment time, appropriately extended warranty), scenery complementary street lamp controller warranty can be customized according to customer requirement.
            5. For every purchase of Germany series controller, inverter, within a year if there is any quality problem, we will not charge any fees, in the name of any reimbursement and domestic transportation costs back and forth.
            6. All engineering company after a successful cooperation with our company, can enjoy 20% of the total contract amount credit account.
            7. Every engineering company after a successful cooperation with our company, all can enjoy by our company technical personnel arrived at the construction site to guide installation, commissioning.
            8. If my company's products because of quality problems in the engineering field due to the whole system will not operate properly, we will accept unconditional change, return money, and take the domestic freight cost.
            Four, about the new customer service
            From the original supplier don't use my company product maintenance they provide products (or don't want to let the original supplier WeiXiuZhe), we have to repair!
            Controller, inverter installation using the tip:
            One, in the use of off-grid type controller when installation, please observe the following connection order: 1, first of all, the battery is negative, and controller battery   connections correct negative right 2, the solar panels are negative and the controller of solar energy input correct negative right link 3, wind generator and dc load (if no, can be hung up). This connection mode is suitable for all off-grid type of the connection mode of the controller.
            Second, the inverter when installation, please observe the following connection order: 1, the first inverter DC input and the battery "+" "-" properly connected, it is strictly prohibited to reverse connection. 2. Open the inverter switch inverter, stay to stabilize the output voltage and frequency, the load is connected. (3) connected to the load sequence, according to the power size order, from big to small, according to the load characteristic, through to the perceptual load first, stay stable work, through to impedance load and capacitive loads. This connection mode is suitable for all type off-grid inverter connection mode.